Tony Rice Unit at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA in April 1990

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good vibrations

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Jay DiBiasio’s Battuto

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Dirty Dan and the Nematodes !!

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Ry Cooder and the Chicken Skin Band play ‘He’ll Have To Go’

(written by by Joe and Audrey Allison) live at Shepherd’s Bush Television Theatre, London in 1977.

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David’s son, Jay, releases his first CD!

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what a way to kill the blues

Great song written by Rowland Salley, covered here by Chris Smither and played in open G.

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Is banjo heaven an oxymoron ??

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muse amuse a-maze amazing music (or one-buttock music)

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SloGrass Releases New CD – Let Me Fly

We’re quitting our day jobs; rebuilding the band bus; buying new polyester suits, and starting the summer tour at Carnegie Hall !!

We’ll probably be in or near your town in the near future. Check out the schedules at your local Senior Center to confirm tour dates. And, don’t forget to bring only the green M&M’s to the concerts.

Our new CD, Let Me Fly, is getting rave reviews from all over the country:

    This is the newest CD from this group!   – the Village Voiceover
    These guys really play a lot of notes, but not all at once.”   – Bluegrass Limited
    The harmonies are like several people singing all at once!   – Rolling Stoned
    Get a hundred of your friends to buy this CD … now.   – M. Davis
    They have a web site, too!   –
    This CD is a shoe-in to win SGMA recording of the year.   – SloGrass Music Association
    Some bands are better than others.   – NPRrrrr
    It doesn’t get any more like this.   – FXM
    This is all I need.   – The Jerk
    Cool !   – A Texan
    Deep too !!   – Another Texan

And finally — join the Name the SloGrass Bus competition. Winners get a free ride to the city of their choice! Send suggestions before the deadline of April 1. Current favorites are:

The Fiber Express 2,597
Huh What? 1,734
Keep on Pickin’ 999
Seniors Looking Ornery 500
The Slo Train 498
Are We There Yet? 251
The Bathroom Break 251
The Widowmaker disqualified (stolen from Jimmy Martin)

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